Business & Commercial Storage

The Southeast's Business Storage Experts

SpaceMax takes business storage to a whole new level with our Premier Business Storage Services.  This plan includes special services for no extra cost - services like accepting UPS and FedEx business packages, storing them in your secure storage space, and notifying you that they have arrived.

As soon as you become a business customer, we start working for you.  We will listen to you and suggest ways that we can help you save money by using our services.  Customers use our storage units to save money and become more efficient by storing items such as inventory, convention displays, promotional items, important documents and even extra office furniture.

We know reputation is important to you and we have built a reputation for providing secure units for business inventory and equipment and keeping it safe in a climate-controlled, low humidity, extremely clean environment.

We offer a variety of sizes and we have the ability to create a flexible pricing plan to meet your company's monthly budget.

Contact us or give us a call today and let's get started.

Free Wi-Fi

SpaceMax promises free Wi-Fi.