Personal & Residential Storage

The Southeast's Personal Storage Experts

When it comes to personal self storage, you'll find what you need at SpaceMax Storage. We place great emphasis on cleanliness and security, so you can leave your precious possessions here and not have to worry about them.  We are also very particular about maintaining the proper temperature and humidity control for your belongings.

Many homeowners need extra space to store furniture, holiday decorations and unused items they just don't want in their house or damp basement.

Our Realtor friends tell us an uncluttered house sells faster than a house crammed with sofas, bookcases and dressers.

Maybe you're a collector of antiques, baseball cards, or vintage bottles of wine. Before you put your house on the market and before your collectibles get moldy bring your things to SpaceMax.

Once everything is loaded into one of our storage units, you can rest easy knowing your furniture, books, sofas and upholstered chairs are in a completely secure, climate-controlled, humidity-controlled, pest-free environment. Our experience and expertise means that you'll always find your stuff in the same condition that you left it!

SpaceMax offers a variety of sizes and prices, and we have just the right space for your residential and personal storage. Clean out your house and store your extra belongings at SpaceMax!

Contact us today or give us a call and let us show you how we go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

Locked Units

SpaceMax promises a pristine environment. We have nearly 100 surveillance cameras at each location - not to mention all the high intensity outdoor lights and individually locked units. Your stuff will be safe at SpaceMax.