Self Storage Rental Steps

Self Storage Rental Steps

10 Easy Steps to Renting Self Storage

You have decided you need storage, you have picked the self storage facility you’re using, and you have even determined the size storage space you need. Now what? This question can be daunting for some customers especially if they have never used storage before. The process of renting a storage space is in fact very simple and takes on average no more than half an hour.

1) Make sure you see the exact storage unit you’re renting. 

2) Begin your lease or rental agreement on whatever day is convenient for you.

3) Provide the storage facility with personal information, such as your name, address, phone number and email address, along with photo identification. 

4) If the self storage facility you are using has access gates, you’ll be assigned an access code.

5) In addition to the lease, most facilities have some type of insurance sign up form.

6) At this point you also have the option to leave a credit card on file to pay the bill each month.

7) The storage facility will then generate a lease that contains the personal information you provided.  All you need to do is verify the information, read the lease, and sign or initial as indicated.

8) Once you’ve signed the lease, you’ll be asked to make the first payment. 

9) The storage facility will provide you with a copy of the lease, a receipt for what was paid, and your lock if you purchased one.

10) It is recommended you use your access code immediately, and place your lock on your unit. 

And that's it!



Moving Help

SpaceMax offers move-in assistance. You may use our carts and dollies to move items from your office, house or car to your storage space.