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Packing Tips for Climate Controlled Storage

Posted by Wilson Covington on Wed, Jun 06, 2012

Here's our list of things you should consider as you're packing up your house to move, boxing up your apartment for the summer, or even de-cluttering your house to get it ready to sell.

  1. Boxes are uniformly sized, easy to carry (especially with built-in handles) and if taped correctly, rarely fall apart unless over-packed. Regular sizes help maximize storage space as well as the ability to organize.climate controlled storage books
  2. Bags are less regular than boxes, but they can contain softer items and can be placed to absorb shock between less flexible items.
  3. Remember, newspaper ink may rub off onto packed items. To avoid this risk, use unprinted newspaper, which you can get from most box suppliers.
  4. Mark containers carefully - it makes them easier to organize and locate. Remember to mark bags clearly so they aren’t mistaken for rubbish.
  5. Label boxes on top and sides so you can easily identify what you're looking for. Check out our free packing and moving labels.
  6. Use quality boxes and always pack them completely, so they don't collapse when stacked.
  7. Consider using shelving to maximize your storage space and reduce stress on boxes and items.
  8. Clean and drain all appliances thoroughly before storing them.
  9. Leave an open aisle in the space so you can easily get to items stored in the back of the unit.
  10. Heavy paper is better than bubble wrap for packing items like dishes and glasses. Bubble wrap is bulkier and actually offers less protection than paper, which adheres more closely to packed items and is usually cheaper to use because less of it goes a longer way.
  11. To save money on all packaging materials, ask your moving company if it sells or even gives away used packing materials. You can also use towels or clothes to wrap dishes or glassware.
  12. Reduce the number of clothing boxes by keeping soft items such as clothing, socks and undergarments inside dressers during the move. Be careful to remove hard items from furniture before moving, such as the contents of a desk.
  13. Don't forget to take out trinkets like perfume bottles from dressers. Their contents can ruin the furniture's finish.

By using climate controlled storage, your belongings will be protected from extreme temperatures and mold-causing moisture. Electronics, furniture, clothing, photographs, antiques, collectibles and artwork are especially susceptible to the elements. If you’re storing such items, you should use a storage facility that keeps the temperature or your unit between 66-76 degrees (depending on the time of year) and the humidity around 50% or lower. SpaceMax uses state-of-the-art equipment to do just that.

Get enough of the right packing materials BEFORE you start to pack. Otherwise, you’ll be more likely to improvise with materials that don’t offer proper protection. SpaceMax offers various supplies to make packing and storing easier and more convenient for you.

  • Locks - pad and disc
  • Boxes (large and small) and packing tape
  • Heavy-duty white wrapping/packing paper
  • Quilted moving blankets and mattress bags/covers
  • Bubble wrap and packing peanuts
  • Shelving units


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