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5 Reasons why multi-level storage means multi-secure storage

Posted by Chris Poholek on Fri, Jun 17, 2011


A crucial advantage of renting self storage at a multi-level building is the layers of security that work together to produce maximum storage safety.

High-resolution security cameras help create the ultimate secure self storage space

First, the entrance to the building can be seen from the facility manager's desk. That means anytime you visit your secure storage space during office hours, you can wave hello to the person sitting behind the desk.

Second, as you enter the secure elevator, you are required to enter your personal security code before you press the floor you want to access.  This allows only authorized staff and customers who have storage spaces on that specific floor to go to that floor, keeping anyone else out.

Third, the extra levels keep your stored belongings farther away from risk.  That risk could come from rain, snow, wind, heat, humidity or other inclement weather.

Fourth, your secured belongings are much farther away from anyone without access to the building or your floor. Instead of an outside storage unit directly accessible to anyone who passes by, your unit is secure, far away from any threat.

Finally, all activity is monitored and recorded 24 hours a day with high-resolution security cameras. These cameras are always watching, always protecting your valuables.

In short, multi-level storage means your things are absolutely safe behind multiple layers of protection.

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