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Tips for Efficient Self Storage Use

Posted by Wilson Covington on Fri, Aug 05, 2011

In order to efficiently organize your self storage unit, you first need to determine its intended function. Consider whether you will need to access your storage unit frequently or if you are putting things into “deep storage” and will not need them until they are removed. You might even have a mixture of the two needs.

the right storage for all your boxes“Deep storage” situations allow for more flexibility.  Since everything will remain untouched until removed, you will want a unit as close in size to the amount you are storing. Then you'll maximize every inch of space. First, place all big furniture and larger items at the back, stacking when possible. Fill any gaps between furniture with appropriately sized boxes. As your storage unit fills, place medium and smaller-sized furniture in the middle and toward the entrance, filling the gaps with more boxes. Fill the front of your storage unit with your final group of boxes and any miscelaneous loose items.

For combinations of deep and frequent-access storage, choose a storage unit that is one size larger than the amount you are storing. Pack all “deep storage” items at the back of your unit as tightly as possible. As you work forward, reserve regularly-accessed items for the front of the unit. You do not need to pack these items as tightly, and the extra storage space will afford an area to move items around.

If everything in your storage unit needs to be accessible, choose a unit that is one to two sizes larger than the amount you are storing. This situation occurs frequently for small businesses who maintain climate controlled storage units to store their inventory and business documents. In such instances, pack items loosely along the unit's sides, leaving an aisle down the middle. This method will allow access to everything quickly. Make sure to keep the most frequently used items near the front. Storing like items together (documents, for example) will also support efficiency.

You can keep your things organized with other simple tricks. Try to use as many clear containers as possible, so you can quickly see what's in each box. If you’re using cardboard boxes, make sure to label each box clearly and thoroughly. Labeling well will save you significant time when unpacking or searching for one specific item. Try to keep boxes from the same area of your home together: all closet boxes, all kitchen boxes, etc. Shelving is another great option that optimizes easy access.

An organized storage unit affords you peace of mind, and it keeps your stuff from becoming “out of sight, out of mind.” Stop by SpaceMax Storage today and let one of our storage experts help you choose the perfect size unit for you and your things!

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