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How Businesses Can Profit from Self Storage

Posted by Wilson Covington on Fri, Sep 16, 2011

A common misconception about self storage is that it is only for the individual consumer. Atlanta businesses can also utilize self storage in a variety of ways. Some of these ways run parallel to that of the average individual such as simply freeing up space within the work environment. That, however, ignores the ways in which business storage can become a functional and essential part of the logistics of a company’s growth. Strategically applied self storage actually allows your business to flourish. Atlanta storage facilities do not simply offer storage; they offer business storage.this is what off-site business storage can be

Businesses understand a simple formula that may not be readily applied in the individual consumer’s use: revenue minus cost equals profit. Lowering costs increases profit if revenue is the same (even when revenue is down, in some cases, but that’s a different topic). Office space can be very costly. Even the smallest increase in square footage of office space can be several times that of the same square-footage of storage space in even multi-level facilities that offer climate-controlled storage. In your functional workspace, there may be items (furniture, supplies, etc.) which are not needed on a daily basis but are essential.

With efficient storage, those items can be stored and accessed on an as-needed basis. Businesses often want to take advantage of the opportunity to purchase office supplies in bulk but lack the office space to store such supplies.

Alternatively, as a business grows old, furniture and unused or infrequently used equipment are all items that a business might need keep but not have on hand in the office. Additionally, off-site file storage of documents which are needed yet infrequently accessed provides a cost-effective alternative, minimizing a business’s required office space. A secure storage facility which offers climate controlled storage reassures the business owner that the documents are not only safe from damage by people but also safe from the damage caused by humidity and heat. Cutting down on costly office space by using self storage in this manner allows a business to grow.

An often ignored use of self storage is for off-site distribution. Regarding sales representatives, self storage provides meeting points for multiple reps whose appointments take place in various parts of Metro Atlanta, often far away from the vicinity of an office outside of the Atlanta perimeter. By keeping samples, excess stock or display/exhibition equipment in self storage, travel time between meetings is cut down as are the expenses associated with traveling. Efficient self storage provides the flexibility for dispatch items on short notice without requiring a time-consuming trip back to the office.


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